About Us

With long-established roots in the Bow Valley community, we are proud to have serviced the construction and renovation needs of the area for over 10 years as Leader Service & Renovation Ltd.

Our team of highly qualified carpenters is equipped with the technical knowledge, skill and creative vision needed to tackle any job or creative vision, no matter the challenge.

We assign a project manager for your job who works with you directly to provide a personal quote with clear timelines and budget, specifically for your project needs.

Our History

Leader’s history began in 1967 in Banff, Alberta with the creation of Leader Contracting & Construction. The company began by specializing in new construction, commercial concrete structures and construction management. At that time, the company operated under the corporation name, Leader Contracting & Construction Inc. Leader went on to build several large commercial projects in the Banff & Calgary areas.

In 1992 Leader created a sub-division, Leader Service & Renovations to better serve the businesses and residents of Banff, Canmore and Lake Louise. Leader Service & Renovations fulfilled a niche by providing commercial and residential renovation and service expertise in the Bow Valley when it was needed the most.

In 2006, Chris Beecroft who had been with Leader since 1999, became General Manager & Owner of Leader Service & Renovations Ltd.  Under Chris' direction, Leader Service & Renovation has been able to take on both large and small projects with particular attention to detail and quality.

Today, Leader provided a wide range of expertise, craftsmanship and creativity to not only meet, but to exceed the expectations of its customers. Leader continues to provide exceptional service and quality of work within the industry. Owned and operated by Chris and Jennifer Beecroft, the team is compiled with a list of skilled professionals.

Our Mission

To provide a strong set of commercial and residential construction services to our local communities in Banff, Lake Louise, Canmore, Cochrane, Exshaw, Calgary, Field & the Columbia Valley. Our goal is to be your company of choice for your construction needs.

Our Vision

Our last 25 years was successful because of great employees, excellent management and strong leadership. Over our next 25 years’, we aspire to be even more successful by providing a greater service by applying better innovations and techniques. At Leader, we’re always learning and we’re always moving forward.

Our Values

  1. We value safety. We aspire to follow the C.O.R. guidelines needed to insure a safe work environment.

  2. We value stability. Achieve annual profitability to help maintain employment and provide a consistent level of service.

  3. We value our employees. Providing equal opportunities to all employees who make up our crew;

  4. We value the uniqueness of our employees; their knowledge, skills, abilities and qualities are what make us a strong, flexible, well-oiled machine.

  5. We value integrity. We aim to have a positive effect on our community, minimizing the negative impact our industry may have on the environment through the process of reducing, recycling and reusing material, waste and solvents.

  6. We value trust. Our relationships are built on trust and honesty, without trust we wouldn’t be where we are today!

  7. Improve the quality of life within our community through philanthropy and teaching.