Our Team

We are the best because we hire the best...

Our crew, in no particular order.


Our fearless boss, Chris is the glue that holds this company together, without him we wouldn’t be Leaders!


Jenn was a Kindergarten teacher before finding a home at LEADER as an administrative support. Not much has changed other than the kids are bigger and they complain more!


Concrete expert, great carpenter an excellent prof. Freddy loves to teach the young pups how to swing a hammer.


Our 10 year vet, he’s one of the best custom cabinet makers in the Rockies. He’s also one of our most valuable assets.


Wulffy has returned to Leader after years of working solo. He’s an exceptionally skilled foreman/carpenter who knows his way around a job site.


Our hardest working labourer, Al is one of our greatest additions to the team.


A solid carpenter, depend on Charko to get the job done when it’s crunch time.


A custom cabinet maker, Miko loves sawdust almost as much as he loves snowboarding… almost.


A Carpenter with who pays attention to the details, Nate is a solid asset.


On maternity leave, Holly is one of our critical pillars of administrative support. Congrats on the new addition Holly!


Johnny’s been with the company for a while, he’s our expert at everything concrete.


Remy is a solid worker, when he’s on site you know the jobs going to be done to spec.


Steve is an enigma wrapped in a conundrum. He does fascinating stuff with computers.